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  • Pauline Heft

Pollen Covered Bee Butts

Why would anyone, besides the bees, care about flowers?

To me, the list is absolutely endless, because flowers are life, flowers are one of my biggest passions in this world - however nothing compares to my passion in being a mom, but I feel like that is common knowledge. My little monster boy, unlike me, likes to eat all the flowers I bring home. We are still working on the rule that they are only meant for staring lovingly at, NOT meant for eating. Anyway!

The face he makes when he is told he can't eat mommy's flowers.

Currently, I am sitting wearing a robe covered in flowers - and honestly, I bet you there is something in your home, art, rug, pjs, picture, pillow, whatever it may be, that has a flower on it. The essence of flowers is eternal, they are life-giving and beautiful and they are all around us. In our homes, outside our front doors, along the down-town strip of your old town, they are everywhere and it is a wonderful thing.

Just landing on the fact that I love flowers isn't enough for me - my mind always wanders to more, more. Like, why do flowers exist and what do they truly offer this world as a whole?

Breathless beauty, is an obvious reason, but sustainability is another. Just imagine the amount of bees, butterflies, humming birds, worms, spiders (the nice garden kind, not the mean nasty giant wolf ones that haunt me, hanging from my ceiling ready to pounce on my head any second all the time) that RELY on the every moment of a flower's life. From seedling, to full bloom, these flowers we cut and fill our homes, weddings, tables, spas, bathtubs, flower pots with, they are life giving to so much nature, helping pump the world full of life.

So why are flowers so important to your community? And I am talking about locally grown flowers, never the store bought, supermarket flowers they ship from other countries that are stale and faded.

They bring joy to those who behold them - if you have a friend who is suffering with depression, they may lift their spirits when their eyes lay upon the bright colors and fun textures. Personally, I love when my husband thinks of me and brings home a full bouquet of lovelies. Posy purchases are a total love language that should never be down-played, hold onto a man that will bring you home flowers. Buds and blooms bring life into this world simply by pumping out the oxygen we need to breathe, consuming the carbon dioxide we emit and turning it into something lovely.

Flowers promote so much bee happiness! Everyday when I step outside to water my flower garden, so many big, fat, orange-pollen-covered bee butts go flying by, just delighted with the flower crop at hand. In this time where the bee colonies are faltering, seeing this kind of activity is comforting. I love seeing the life that one beautiful thing brings to another beautiful creature.

If we didn't see these lovely blooms as irresistible to cut and rest in our vases, we wouldn't have the lovely, large flower farms all over our state to grow crop after crop of gorgeous blooms. If we didn't promote the demand for flowers in our homes, flowers wouldn't be grown as much and the bounty these incredibly important insects rely on would exist on a much smaller scale.

So to all you flower lovers out there, think twice before buying your blooms! Perhaps instead of grabbing a $9.99 bouquet at the grocery store that is wilted, dull and tiny, delay your flower gratification (which trust me, I understand, I have had a hard time resisting this myself, when you just want the flowers NOW!) and order a bouquet from your favorite local florist.

No grocery store will have flowers as delicate, yet jaw-droppingly gorgeous as the ones your local farmers pour all their blood, sweat and tears into. And no supermarket florist puts the time into the bouquet like your local florist, who spends their hours hand selecting and meticulously designing for you to enjoy every part of that bouquet in a special way - trust me, I know first hand.

This simple arrangement here features peonies from a local farm, Petals & Press, they have some beautiful little finds:

wishing you all the best and the finest posies Oregon can offer,



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