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  • Pauline Heft

Extra Flowers for Everyday People


A few weeks ago when I was at the market, the flower market, I was wandering the aisles of full baskets and bins, carts and racks bursting with florals of every color and every shape, when I spotted these dinner plate sized peonies. They were astonishing. They were big and red and WOW. They gripped my heart within an instant and that's the moment I remembered, I arrange extra flowers for everyday people, just like me.

It is a strange phenomenon how something so fleeting, with such a short life-span, brings so much joy and awe to the heart like flowers do - not many things are like that in this life. It makes me wonder if flowers lasted forever, would they mean that much to us?

What a dream it is to be able to work with farmers who toil every day to produce fleeting whispers of beauty, cut them and cart them off so that us simple human folk can oggle at them in our window for a handful of days, before pressing them, tossing them, mulching them, or drying them as their time ends. This right here is such a wonderful reason to be a florist, being able to be the middle man between farmer and you - an everyday person with every day problems, just wanting a taste of beauty in their home.

Everyday people deserve extra flowers because we work so hard to not be forgotten in this world, while still so afraid we may not be remembered. This is why we take such beautiful, small things and commemorate our wedding days by them, our births by them, our happy moments, our sad moments, and our loved ones passing, by them. These delicate posies remind us not only of all the good in this world, but of ourselves trying to thrive every day as if it were our last.

In these days that pass by, don't forget to take time in your day to pick some posies, or send some to a friend - because every everyday person deserves a beautiful bundle of extra flowers.


all the best,



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