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hi there!

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I'm Pauline, your personal posy arranger. I’m a wife to a hard working bearded man and mother to an amazing blue eyed goofy boy. I love baking, eating my baked goods, cooking, re-arranging my house over and over, wine, and nature exploring, but I also love late night McDonald’s trips, sleeping in, and sun bathing with my sister. Currently, we own a lovely home in Portland, Oregon, which we have been renovating for the last year+.

My passion for things that grow began when I was young. It started taking shape when I would draw flowers and vines on everything, or paint pretty vases full of greens on canvas, or when I saved up $200 to buy a digital camera and snap flower photos around my childhood yard. I then started arranging flowers for weddings and events, which led me to drawing them on invitations and stationary. Now, I decorate my home with the things I gather and supply every day people with beautiful arrangements. It's really easy to say that I am a lover of anything that grows. From moss to branches to giant dahlia blooms, I am inspired by the little things that start from seed, grow roots and pop out of the ground. But more importantly, I love to take those lovely things and spread their cheer with others.

For a long time The Posy Pantry was alive, it just didn't have the website to say hey, I am open to work for you. It is my whole purpose to not just be a florist, but to be YOUR personal posy friend, the one you call on when you need a giant bouquet to make your day, or you need to send a bundle to someone you want to hug, but can't. 

So this is me and here I am, doing my best to gather and design the natural beauties of the earth for all open to enjoy in their homes, work or special occasions. I hope I can work personally with you to make your posy dreams come true, no matter how big or small.

- thanks for visiting & supporting local businesses -


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